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10 Amazing Things That Happen if You Cut Back on Social Media Use

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Living in the real world brings you in touch with so many incredible things. You’ll connect to your life and the present without being focused on updating your profile and posting new items. That mindfulness can also bring improved mental health and positivity!

9.    You’ll Get More In Touch With Yourself

Social media use can often be a motivating factor in developing your sense of self. You see people you want to be like and try to emanate them. You may even post things on social media that specifically curate an idea of you that isn’t true. Then the feedback you get on those posts determines what you share and how you shape your life. It’s just not healthy!

If you want to get in touch with your true self, cut back on social media use. You’ll realize that the things others care about may not be what you care about, and that’s okay! Your opinion of your own life and what makes you happy is most important. Discover yourself away from the pressures of the internet!

10. Your Relationships Improve When You Decrease Social Media Use

Social media was initially intended to improve connections with others. Unfortunately, our social intelligence has tanked due to poor interactions through such a one-dimensional platform.

This isn’t to say that “technology drives us further apart” – that’s a nuanced topic for another day. But it is a fact that when all your relationships are maintained through a virtual space, you lose some of your relationship and social skills.

When you cut back on social media use, you bring more importance to in-person, meaningful interaction. You’ll improve your relationships by:


  • Developing high emotional intelligence that improves empathy and understanding.
  • Reducing the superficial relationships in your life and making space for more face-to-face contact with those who matter.
  • Arguing less and being more mindful about your words because a virtual medium does not filter you.

If you want to improve your relationship with loved ones, cut back on social media use! Find more people in your life now who should be getting the attention you give to your platforms and posts.

Final Thoughts On Some Things That Happen If You Cut Back On Social Media Use

Technology has its place and purpose, but it shouldn’t be an overwhelming part of your life. Learn to find balance and cut back on your usage of these platforms so you can devote yourself to what matters and reap the benefits of that decision!

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