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10 Behaviors That Reveal a Heartbroken Woman (and How She Will Heal)

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These flip-flopped emotions are natural as you search for normalcy again. If your mood swings begin to disrupt your daily activities, it can signify depression. You may need professional intervention to help deal with your emotional distress.

9. A Heartbroken Women Might Not Sleep Well

According to an article published by the Centers for Disease Control, adults need about seven or more hours of sleep per night. Most people have an occasional sleepless night. However, chronic sleep deprivation can cause severe physical and mental problems.

A brokenhearted woman often has sleepless nights because of racing thoughts. Your comfortable pillow may gather your tears as you cry for what was. If you’re used to sleeping with your partner, being suddenly single can be a shock to your system.

When you’re sleep-deprived, you may drag throughout your day in a brain fog. Or maybe you’re like some brokenhearted women who sleep too much but still feel tired. Either way, grieving a breakup can cause an upset to your sleep cycles.

10. She May Develop Substance Abuse

Human beings detest pain and anxiety and do almost anything to relieve it. If you or a friend has experienced a painful breakup, your anxiety level may be unbearable. Your brain will automatically seek a remedy, such as self-medication.

The most common self-medication for hurting people is substance abuse. It’s a double-edged sword for those who have an addictive personality. After a breakup, you have a bottomless hole in your heart that needs to be filled with something.

Instead of filling the void with positive actions, many grieving people treat it with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, food, or other vices. If you are already addicted, a love loss may drive your cravings even higher and risk your health and other relationships.

How a Heartbroken Woman Picks Up the Pieces

Whoever said that time mends all wounds was sadly mistaken. Turning away from someone you used to love will leave permanent scars on your heart. There’s no magic cure that will make you feel better immediately.

If there’s any good news, it’s the reassurance that you are still beautiful and worthy of love and respect. At some point, you’ll embrace the lessons the past relationship taught you while you discard the rest. Nobody has the power to reduce your value as a person unless you give it to them.


Is someone in your circle dealing with a devastating relationship? Be there for them and actively listen without judgment. They need your presence and compassion, not your advice.

Final Thoughts on the Healing Process of a Heartbroken Woman

Grief is often the price of loving and letting that person go. Remember that it’s okay to cry, and it’s a sign of being human with a broken heart. Once you allow yourself to grieve after a breakup, you can start your first step toward healing and loving again.

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