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10 Habits That Cause Mental Exhaustion (and 5 Ways to Beat It)

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3. Cut Back on Your to Do List

There’s no competition where you win a prize if you get ten things done today. Stop putting so much on yourself that you can’t breathe.

If you’re so busy that you meet yourself coming and going, you will burn out. Clear your schedule and make time for the most important things.

4. Learn To Say “No.”

Sure, you want to be a good person and do things for others, but you can only handle so much. You only have so many resources. If you can help, then you should, but not for the sake of exhausting yourself. However, learn appropriate boundaries and when to say “no” to things.

5. Get Help

The burdens you carry in life are often much too significant to handle alone. If you have a medical condition that’s not treated, then seek medical help. If you’ve been through a massive life event and can’t process it, then seek counseling.

The important thing is to reach out to a support group or professionals that can assist you in this part of your journey. You’re never going to heal and get better until you learn to let go and find peace with the circumstances.

Final Thoughts on Avoiding Mental Exhaustion

Sometimes getting rid of your mental exhaustion requires doing some soul-searching and evaluating your life. What are the things that hold you back and cause you so much grief? Is it your job, your spouse, kids, bills, health?

Whatever the root causes, you need to resolve them. Until you get to the root and fix the problem, you’re never going to find peace. Think of your life like a clogged sink in your home. You’ve dumped those chemicals down there that promise to open it.

While it allows a little bit of water to drain, it’s still got a massive clog that’s preventing a nice flow. So, you call the plumber because it needs fixing. The professional found a toothpaste cap that was impeding the flow. Once he removes the issue, everything goes back to normal.


Now, what is it that’s stopping up your internal flow? Is it something that you can easily remove, or is it going to take the help of a professional? Whatever it takes, you need to resolve it as the mental exhaustion will frazzle you and wear you down if you don’t take proactive measures.

Today is the day to change your life for the better, and you hold power for that change.

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