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10 Mindfulness Tips for Every Day

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Keith Fiveson

Keith is a mindful coach, counselor, and consultant. He works with professionals in organizations to help them find resilience, rise to challenges using mindfulness techniques and apply neuroscience for better decision making. His mission is “Health is Wealth” and he shares this through his book “The Mindfulness Experience” 8 Strategies to Live-Life Now program to support this. Keith brings his personal experience in high-stress environments to create this program, along with a series of programs that address individual needs.  Keith is an early internet pioneer with MCI, AT&T, and British telecom. A corporate consultant, a PricewaterhouseCoopers alumnus, he brings a unique, secular, perspective to apply mindfulness to professional environments to enable and empower individuals in sales, service to operations to engage and be present in the moment. By reducing the stress associated with high-performance environments, individuals can reduce the “drag” associated with dis-engagement, to increase energy, information, and flow.” Keith helps his clients streamline communications, be stress-less, more effective, and enrich outcomes.

Green 85

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