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10 Reasons Why Adults Should Still Play

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When you play, you allow yourself to discover things you’d have never tried otherwise. And there’s no pressure to be good at the game. If it’s not for you, you can move on. But at least you know you gave it a shot.

9.      It’s a Way to Bond with Others

There are only so many things people can bond over when having coffee together. Sometimes, being playful is the best way to create meaningful connections and bond with new people.

When adults play, the activity has a sense of freedom and innocence. No one feels judged or forced to act in ways that are not true to themselves. It’s the best way to let go and just be yourself. Plus, it gives you a reason to hang out and an activity to do together so that you don’t just sit in silence.

10.  It Makes Your Inner Child Happy

No matter how old you are, a part of your subconscious mind is still a child. This part deals with good experiences as well as memories from your childhood. And that accounts for everything, from fears to traumas.

This part is complex but holds onto every child’s simple desires. In simpler terms, your inner child wants to play. And, when your inner child is happy, your subconscious mind is better equipped to handle all that baggage from your childhood that most adults never sort through.

Final Thoughts on Some Reasons Why Adults Should Still Play

As an adult, it might seem weird to play. But that’s just because society has constructed this idea that play is only fit for kids and no one else. You’ll find evidence that proves otherwise if you read into the topic. And the things described above are just ten of the dozens of benefits that playing brings into your life.

Play improves your mood and is one of the best ways to relax. But it also has numerous physical benefits, as play can often be a more fun way to work out. In addition, playing stimulates your imagination and creativity, and you might even find a new hobby when rifling through games. Most importantly, play is something that comes naturally to all humans. Adults might be older and wiser than kids, but even they have an inner child who only wants to take a break and play sometimes.

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