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10 Signs It’s Time to Put Down Your Phone and Be More Present

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9. You Need Your Phone to Calm You

When you feel stressed and anxious, do you grab your phone to try to make it better? Many folks think that they can self-soothe by playing a game or watching videos. While it’s good to find something that can calm you down, why not turn to people instead of devices?


10. You Have Neck Pain from Constant Browsing

Like most addictions, there’s always some pain that comes along with it. Your neck hurts from all the looking down, and you might even have pains in your hands, wrists, and fingers. There’s a price to pay for being on that phone so much, and the loss of mindfulness isn’t the only issue.

Alarming Facts About Cell Phone Dependency

Perhaps you’ve tried several times to give up your cell phone, but you can’t be without it no matter what you try. When you put down your phone, you can be more mindful of the things going on around you and have better relationships. Here are some alarming statistics from studies reported by Slick Text.


  • Around 45 percent of parents believe their children have a cell phone addiction.
  • Teachers report that more than 67 percent of their students are distracted by their phones.
  • Over 22 percent of people admit that they can’t go without checking their cell phone every few minutes.
  • In England, over 47 percent of the population admitted to having a cell phone addiction.
  • Teenagers admit that more than 52 percent of them sit on their phones while they’re with their friends.
  • Around 71 percent of the population sleeps with their phone by their bed.
  • Nearly 25 percent of young adults from ages 18-to 24 have admitted they have fallen asleep with their phone in hand.
  • Only ten percent of folks think about their partner or spouse when they wake up, as the other 90 percent reach for the phone.
  • The National Safety Council released a report that stated that 1.6 million accidents, or around 28 percent, occur because of cell phone distractions. It’s hard to be mindful when driving and talking or texting. Due to these increases in accidents and deaths, many states are banning cell phone use while driving without a hands-free device.

Final Thoughts on Recognizing When It Is Time to Put Down Your Phone

When there’s a lack of mindfulness due to smartphone addiction, it can impact every facet of your life. If you’re on your phone, you’re not mindful, are easily distracted, can get into a car accident, and give a lackluster performance on your job. Additionally, it can hurt relationships that are important to you.

Do you feel that you’re addicted to your cell? The same treatment centers that focus on drug and alcohol recovery are now adding classes to help if you can’t put down your phone. Remember when there were payphones, and you had to get out of your car to call someone?

While you can’t reverse the hands of time, it was a simpler lifestyle with fewer hassles. Being connected 24 x 7 can bring some people much anxiety, taking away their quality of life. Do you need to be this connected, or is it taking a toll on your mental health?

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