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10 Times in Life When Being Alone Does Not Equal Lonesome

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8.    When You Want To Get Away

Sometimes, people want to leave everything behind and get away from their issues for a while. That might mean going on a walk, taking an impromptu trip, or just staying inside, alone. But in those moments, they aren’t lonely.

They are just trying to pause life for a little while until they are ready to get back to action. And some people genuinely enjoy doing things alone because it allows them to appreciate everything around them genuinely.

9.    When You Have To Spend The Holidays Alone

The holidays are when people feel like they should be close to friends and family more than at any other time. Spending them alone can seem lonely at first, some people enjoy it this way.

Maybe they don’t get along with their family, don’t have many friends, or are just introverts. But just because they are alone, that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying their time. You can always make the holiday season about taking care of yourself, rather than having it be all about others.

10. When You Are An Introvert, You Don’t Feel Lonesome

Many people are just hardwired to like being alone more than around loads of people. And that’s perfectly fine. As an introvert, you don’t have to be lonely. You can create connections just as well as other people, but only if you want to.

As an introvert, you might enjoy things such as going to the movies alone. Don’t let anyone tell you that’s wrong or weird. Embrace who you are and know that it doesn’t matter how many people you have around you. It only matters how you feel inside.


Final Thoughts On Ten Times in Life When Being Alone Does Not Equal Lonesome

People have been afraid of being alone since the beginning of time. Or so they thought. In reality, they are scared of feeling lonesome, not of being alone.

Being alone is not only necessary for a balanced life, but it can also be fulfilling. More often than not, being alone doesn’t mean that you lack connection. It just means that you are busy working on yourself or going through life changes. And, instead of running away from these moments, you should start embracing them.

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