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10 Ways to Take Negative Feedback In A Good Way

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9. Make an Action Plan

Of course, there may be some points in the negative feedback that were miscommunicated or invalid. These are things you can discuss during your response. Remember to be calm and professional and not argumentative.


Ask pertinent questions, and request that your supervisor helps you draft an action plan. On one side of the paper, the negative feedback is outlined point by point. Now, go to the right sight and describe how you’ll remedy the challenge and the timeline. Put a positive slant to it and call it your goal.

You can do the same thing at home with your family. If you have some personal habits that you must change, make a reasonable action plan. When you can visualize your goals, it may be easier to make positive changes and avoid negative thinking.

The boss is allowing you to recognize your weak areas and improve them. As you mark off each completed goal, you have positive actions identified in your following review. Making and completing an action plan takes determination.


10. Go Forward

Most professional job performance reviews outline challenges, goals, and how much time you must implement them. When you’ve worked hard and thought you did your best, any negative feedback can feel like a slap in your face. These stinging critiques may linger in your mind and cause you to harbor resentment.

Even after you’ve reached your goals for improvement, you may still have a grudge against your boss. Try to use the critique as a learning curve and put any resentments behind you. You’ve listened, made changes, and have grown professionally. Take these lessons and move on.

Are you still vexed that your partner or friend called you out on a shortcoming? Instead of shifting the blame, own your mistakes and try to fix them. Apologize, make amends, and let these criticisms make you a better person.

Final Thoughts on Using Negative Feedback to Your Advantage

If your world were all sunshine, you wouldn’t have the rain to nourish and sustain life. Likewise, it would help if you had a balance of positivity and negativity to learn and progress personally and professionally. As you change for the better and learn from your mistakes, you find the rainbow in the showers.

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