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11 Signs the One You’re With Is the One You’ll Stay With

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10. Good communication

Good communication in a relationship is open and honest. There’s the freedom to be yourself and share your private thoughts without fear of judgment. Both partners can talk about anything. Plus, good communication means you can talk about your concerns or things that bother you about the other person. If this is done with humility and kindness, the corrected person will feel grateful their partner cares enough for them to point out their shortcomings. If your partner refuses to hear your criticisms, this should be a big red flag for you. It would be best if you found out why this is the case. Ask good questions to draw out your partner. It could mean they aren’t as committed to the relationship as you thought.

11. Commitment to the relationship

Long-lasting relationships are made up of couples who are genuinely committed to their relationship. They both want the relationship to succeed, and they both work towards this goal. They use language and do things that show their commitment to each other. One partner isn’t pulling the other one along to make things work out. They are both in it for the long haul. These couples speak in a way that shows their commitment to a strong relationship. They say things like:


  • Saying “we” instead of “I.”
  • Seeking to build up rather than tearing one another down.
  • Doing the hard work to strengthen their relationship, like reading books on relationships, attending couples’ seminars, or getting counseling if necessary.

If you are the only one making all the effort in the relationship it may be time to step back and reconsider your partner’s commitment. Ask some good questions to determine how they view the relationship and how committed they are to it.

Final Thoughts on Deciding if Your Partner Is the One You’ll Stay with Forever

If you wonder whether you and your partner will stay together, hopefully, this list will help you find your answer to your big question, “Is this person the one?” If these ten things are in place in your relationship, there is a good chance you’ll stick together for a long time. If not, it could be time to re-evaluate the relationship. Choosing to respect, encourage, and be vulnerable with one another will create a strong relationship. Trustworthiness and good communication are foundational to strong couples. Of course, laughing together and creating unique rituals that make you a special pair will also help grow your happiness together. If you’ve got these in place, you two will be a loving couple, just the ones you admire.

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