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11 Ways Ego Causes Relationship Drama and 7 Ways to Check It

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2. Replace Harsh Words

Anytime you think about saying something harsh, replace the first words you thought of. Use the time for a deep conversation instead, talking about the things that are upsetting to you. Be honest with your partner about what’s on your mind so you can come up with a plan and work through it together.


3. Compromise

When you’re in a relationship, both partners should have an equal say in how things are handled. Seek their opinion and don’t disregard their thoughts. Instead, use them to come up with a compromise that works for both of you.

4. Check That Ego and Apologize

When you’re wrong, don’t hesitate to apologize. Saying that you’re sorry can make a difference in how things turn out and how your partner responds.

5. Remember Why You Were Drawn Together

If you spend time reflecting and remembering why you wanted to be with your partner, it can help you check the issues in your relationship. This tip can help you keep your sights on the things that matter most in your relationship.


6. Make Efforts to Communicate Better

When a big ego interferes with your relationship, it’s essential to focus on better communication. Make time to have discussions with your partner, and avoid judgment. Don’t interrupt them, and make sure you’re focused and not distracted by other things.

If your partner isn’t as open to communicating this way, don’t be afraid to take the lead. Start by telling them the intimate details of your life that they don’t know yet. Work your way into discussing your current relationship problems, and they’ll be more likely to open up.

7. Stop Competing with Your Partner

When you’re in a relationship, the two of you are equals. Stop trying to compete by earning more money or rising the career ladder before the other. It’s okay to challenge yourselves to become better, but you shouldn’t be competing against one another.

Final Thoughts on Ways Ego Causes Relationship Drama and Ways to Check It

A big ego has no place in a healthy relationship. It causes unnecessary drama and can ultimately destroy your relationship. If you related to any of the ways it causes relationship drama, make a positive plan for change.

Checking the ego and working to eliminate it can make all the difference. By making beneficial changes, you can save your relationship and remember why you fell for your partner in the first place.

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