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12 Questions to Ask Your Crush to See If They’re Available for Love

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Used in the correct context, this question can be a way to find out if someone is romantically open. They can either explain the problems going wrong in their dating life or say they aren’t looking for anyone right now. Either way, you can get the information that you need.


11. I didn’t recognize the person you were with when I saw you the other day. Is it your partner?

Casually ask this question the next time you see your crush if you saw them out with someone. It will clear the air on their availability while making it look like you’re just curious. Your crush will either tell you about their partner or explain that the person was just a friend.

12. Did you celebrate with your partner?

If your crush just had a birthday, got a promotion, or had another event that deserves celebration, this is the perfect question. This question is your crush’s chance to say whether or not they are already romantically involved. Plus, they will tell you who they celebrated with, giving insight into who they are closest to.


If your crush says they didn’t celebrate at all, it opens up another line of discussion. You could always suggest that you help that special person celebrate and make a plan to do something fun together.

Final Thoughts on Things to Ask Your Crush to See If They’re Available for Love

As you experience the excitement of having a crush, use these questions to gather information. You can find out if they are romantically available while getting to know them better at the same time. The questions are subtle and casual enough that you won’t have to be embarrassed by the answer.

The sooner you find out if your love interest is available, the better things will work out. You won’t become as emotionally involved if you know ahead of time that they are unavailable. Plus, if they are open, you can spend more time working on pursuing the relationship.

The best-case scenario from this line of questioning is that you land a date with your crush. Otherwise, at least you will know an essential thing there is to know at this point. If you didn’t know how to ask, these questions would help you get the answers you need.

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