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12 Things That Prove Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked

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If you don’t usually experience these feelings, a shift can indicate a blockage. Finding ways to stimulate the pineal gland can help alleviate these feelings.

11. You Feel Disconnected from Nature and the Universe

When you feel disconnected from nature or the universe as a whole, you likely have a chakra blockage. You might feel like you do not connect with nature and the environment around you. If this is happening to you, then you might subconsciously reject all spiritual feelings and ideas.

Other signs of a disconnect from the universe include feeling a lack of purpose and devoid of ideas. In addition, you might notice a deep sense of longing for something that you can’t identify. Reversing these feelings is possible, but you must find a way to awaken your chakra.

To overcome this blockage, try spending more time in nature. If you can, find a quiet place outdoors to meditate, practice mindfulness, or try new breathing techniques. You will see things clearly, and the truth will become evident in your heart and mind.


12. You Are Unable to Recognize the Truth

Anytime you can’t see the obvious truth, it is proof of a blocked third eye chakra. As a result, you will feel confused or disoriented as you try to see past the illusions of your mind.

Sometimes your inability to recognize the truth results from what you watch or listen to, advertisements, and things on the internet. Anywhere that you experience programming and illusion, you are at risk of being deceived. However, with an awakened third eye, you will see through these deceptions.

Final Thoughts on Identifying When Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked

Recognizing that your third eye chakra is the first step to awakening it and starting fresh. Anytime there are imbalances or blockages, your mental and physical well-being can be affected. So help yourself feel and live better by finding ways to open your chakra.

Once you acknowledge that your third eye chakra is blocked, you can find ways to unblock it. Then, when you have reawakened your chakra, you can experience growth and development again.

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