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12 Ways to Stay Positive When Dealing with Stressful People

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Additionally, you can reward yourself every time you remain positive during an encounter with your stressor. As you spend time or talk with the person, think of what your reward will be when it’s over. Their toxicity won’t affect you as much if you establish a positive aspect of the situation.

10. Control Yourself

Anytime you let someone else control your reaction or mindset, it gives them power over you. However, you can make a change at any moment and regain control over yourself. When you decide that no one but you can control your reaction to a situation, you’ll have an easier time handling it.

Remember that you can’t control anyone else. Rather than wishing someone would change and letting them get to you, focus on controlling yourself instead.


When you make this shift in your mindset, you’ll regain the power and provide a protective barrier. You take power away from your stressor, helping you be positive throughout the experience. If you struggle with staying in control, ask yourself what you will gain from reacting. Chances are, you won’t achieve anything, and the reminder could be enough to help you refocus.

11. Think of It as an Opportunity for Growth

Research shows that experiencing stress can help you develop more coping mechanisms. Rather than letting someone’s negativity affect you, think of it as an opportunity for growth instead. You won’t always have these opportunities, so utilize them when you can, and you’ll be ready for anything.

12. Don’t Dwell on The Encounter With Stressful People

After your situation with a stressful person, don’t dwell on what happened. If things don’t go well, find a way to clear your mind and move on from it.

Reassure yourself that the toxic person isn’t thinking about you or your experience anymore. They often move on to their next target quickly, so don’t let it ruin your day. Learn from the experience, and you can create a plan for future encounters, but don’t let it bring you down.


Final Thoughts on Ways to Stay Positive When Dealing with Stressful People

Recognizing that stress can come from stressful people is the first step in dealing with the situation. You can’t always avoid people who trigger anxiety, but you can learn how to handle them.

Use your coping mechanisms before, during, and after encountering stressful people. So it doesn’t need to impact you for the long term. Remember that each situation can be an opportunity for growth and that you’ll get through it.

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