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13 Stages of Parenting the Experts Forgot to Tell You About

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With diapers, you’ll find that not all diapers fit the same or work for your baby. Some babies will leak through a specific brand of diapers, while others do great with that kind. As you can see, the trial-and-error stage of parenting begins right away.

Once you’ve figured out the best diapers to use for your child, you’ll move on to the subsequent trial and error situation. Every child is different, so what works for one child might not work for another. Strategies that worked on your older children might need to change for your younger ones.

Don’t be afraid to change how you do things when you realize it’s not working well. The learning process requires trying things out to see what works. Don’t be afraid to seek other options as you work through this stage.

12. You Stop Caring How You Look During the Busiest Stages of Parenting

There comes a time during the parenting adventure that you stop caring how you look. Being a parent is a busy time in your life and taking as much time getting ready as you used to isn’t always possible. This stage comes as a shock to many, but it’ll pass.


13. Changing Friends

One stage of parenting that takes adjustment is when you experience a change in your friend group. You’ll lose some of your old friends, but you’ll become friends with new people.

Before you know it, you’ll meet new parents and make friends. You’ll realize that you make friends at the park or library, and you’ll feel connected to other mothers you see in public.

Final Thoughts on Stages of Parenting the Experts Forgot to Tell You About

While you might have heard many things about parenting, there are always situations you aren’t prepared for. Experts don’t tell you everything, and other moms might forget to mention it. It’s easy to assume that parents know what they’re getting into, but it’s not usually the case.

As your life changes, you’ll go through many stages of parenting. Once you start getting used to one step, you’ll be on to the next, resulting in constant change. Know that you aren’t alone in this situation and that you’ll get through even the most challenging times.

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