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15 Behaviors a Cruel Person Displays Before Revealing Their Intentions

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11. They Get Defensive Easily

When someone gets defensive or denies something, it’s their attempt at making the situation false. If someone offers a suggestion or gives constructive criticism, they’ll twist it all around. The person might turn it into a joke, but they also might turn it into an offensive statement that doesn’t make sense.

More subtle signs of defensiveness are when they pout, change the subject, or withdraw. They also sometimes act passive-aggressive when they get defensive.

12. Cruel People Try to Ruin People’s Happiness

When someone shares something exciting or joyful, a cruel person will say something to ruin the moment. They have a way of turning any positive news into negative because they are secretly envious. Evil people don’t want those around them to be happy.

Likewise, if they see people having a good time, they might find a way to ruin it. Whether they join and act inappropriate, or they put an end to the experience altogether, they’ll ruin everyone’s happiness.


13. They Throw Everything Out of Proportion

Toxic people turn everything into a big deal, and everyone will hear about it. They speak in absolutes, frequently using “always” and “never.” Their absolutes are rarely accurate, but they use them to incite an argument or debate.

These people want you to react, so they throw it out of proportion so that you’ll defend yourself or what you said. If you don’t respond, they’ll use it as a way to prove their point.

14. They Don’t Take Responsibility for Their Emotions

Cruel people blame their emotions on everyone around them. They project their feelings onto others because they aren’t strong enough to deal with it alone. Deflecting responsibility for their feelings is a defense mechanism that helps them cope with their problems.

15. Cruel People Are Judgmental

An evil person will exhibit signs of being judgmental early on. They might make offhanded comments about someone’s appearance, and they’ll point out flaws about everyone and everything. Evil people behave like no one is better than them.

Plus, they’ll secretly tell you their judgmental opinion of others that you both know. They try to draw you in and get you to agree with them or give your own negative opinion. Avoid falling into the trap because you don’t know their true intentions.


Final Thoughts on Behaviors a Cruel Person Displays Before Revealing Their Intentions

Knowing these behaviors that a cruel person displays before revealing their intentions can help protect you. Having people with bad choices in your life is a risky situation, and it’s best if you know who they are.

Remember to look for these signs when meeting someone new, whether at work or in your friend group. They can help you spot a cruel person early on, allowing you to stay one step ahead.

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