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15 Habits to Help You Finish the Things You Keep Putting Off

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13. Give Yourself Deadlines

If putting off things is an issue you often have, why not give yourself a deadline. For instance, your spouse wants the kitchen painted before the big family reunion this year, so you have plenty of time to get it done. Set a time limit between you and your partner, and make sure you follow through.

It helps when you have someone else on board with you that can give you those gentle nudges to get moving.

14. Fix Your Lack of Vision

If you’ve ever watched one of those home renovations shows, you know what it means to have a vision. These master carpenters and decorators can see the outcome in their minds. They can restore old Victorian mansions in chaos because they can see a clear picture.

You may have physical sight but no vision, which is dangerous to start any project. According to Philosiblog, vision occurs in the mind’s eye rather than your physical ones. When you keep dreams alive in your mind, they will power you to do whatever possible.


15. Commit to Quit Putting Things Off, No Matter the Setbacks

Realize that there will be setbacks, as it’s just a part of life. You can’t control everything, and you must learn to roll with the punches. Being flexible can undoubtedly help you, and it can help keep your stress levels in a reasonable range.

You’re not doing yourself any favors by putting off things that you can accomplish today. Just realize that there will be issues, prepare for them in advance, and have a mindset that you will tackle this job come what may.

Procrastinating Facts

According to Brandon Gaille many people delay tasks or projects because they have so much on their plate. Here are some other facts to consider.


  • 95 percent of the population admits to having major procrastination issues.
  • The rate of people who put things off is growing, as it was only five percent back in 1978, but today it’s over 90.
  • More than 85 percent of students admit that it’s easier to put things off than to do them now.
  •  You’re procrastinating ways can cost you 40 percent or more in financial loss.
  • Twenty percent of folks admit to having a chronic problem pushing things to the side.
  • One-fifth of people in this country postpone things so bad that it costs them jobs, health, and other significant things.

Final Thoughts on Finishing the Projects You Keep Putting Off

While you may resonate with many things discussed here, you should also know that you’re human. It’s normal to put some things off for another day on occasion. The problem begins when you constantly move things around and avoid specific tasks.

However, by following a few of these tips, you can stop putting off things you need to do and start taking control of your life and schedule. It’s possible to make progress if you only change your mindset.

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