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15 Mantras to Say When It’s Time to Let Things Go and Be Positive Again

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11. I am choosing to move on and focus on the present.

Anything you do in life is your choice to make. If you choose to move forward, you can do it and live in the present. By using this mantra each morning, you’ll start your day by thinking about things that don’t hold you back.

This affirmation is a good one to remember all day long. As you’re working on letting go, you’ll find the things you’re moving on from creeping back into your mind. Anytime it happens, repeat this phrase to help you refocus.

12. I can treasure memories without holding onto unnecessary possessions.

Letting go of unnecessary items is just as essential as letting go of toxic thinking. However, sometimes it’s hard to let go of meaningful things to you.

Using this mantra can help you understand that you will have the memory regardless of holding onto the physical item. If it helps, you can even give the thing to someone else who will enjoy it so that you know it’s loved and taken care of.

13. I am healing a little more each day.

When you know that you’re healing, you’ll have an easier time letting go. Emotional pain likely indicates you have multiple things to move on from. You’ll have to let go of the event that caused your pain, and you’ll have to let go of the negative emotions.

14. I feel calmer when I let go of things that don’t serve me.

Having too many things in your life that don’t serve you can make each day seem hectic. If you want to experience calmness in life, you must let go of some of those things. This mantra can help you remember that you’ll feel better when you eliminate negativity from your life.

15. I experience inner peace when I let go of things I don’t need.

Surprisingly, letting go of things can bring a sense of peace to your life. You’ll feel better as a whole, and you’ll begin to see all the good around you. Each time you let go of something that doesn’t serve you, you’ll experience a little more peace within.


Final Thoughts on Saying These Mantras When It’s Time to Release the Past and Be Positive Again

Life constantly changes, and so do you. You become a better version of yourself all the time, so naturally, you will outgrow some things. Not only will you outgrow things, but you’ll also realize you’re better off letting go.

While it might be hard to let things go, it is essential if you want to be positive again. The things, people, and ideas you surround yourself with now will change as you grow and develop. As you go through changes and start letting things go, use these mantras to help along the way.

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