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15 Positive Behaviors That Make the World a Kinder Place

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13. Stick to the Golden Rule

Many folks have forgotten the golden rule, and it shows by the attitude in society. Remember to do unto others and consider your brother before yourself, as it dramatically impacts the world around you. According to Forbes, Portugal is the friendliest country in the world.


Making friends there is easy due to the pleasant turn of the natives. Wouldn’t it be nice if America made the top ten on that list? Sadly, out of 65 countries studied, the USA came in at 36.

Positive Behaviors That Expand Your Mind

14. Stay Open-Minded

People are all around you with different lifestyles and beliefs, but this doesn’t make them any better or less than you. One of the positive behaviors you must learn is being open-minded to others. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t think or believe like you, as you must like them for their individuality.

15. Meditate

Even if you’re trying to make the world around you a better place, you’re going to pick up plenty of negativity throughout the day. It would help if you purged all the toxicity you collect, as it can be mentally and physically draining. Meditation is a great way to clear the mind and spirit from all the garbage you ingest during the day.


Final Thoughts on Engaging in These Kind and Positive Behaviors

What positive behaviors can you utilize that can help to make your day, life, and the world around you a little bit kinder? Helping someone with their groceries who’s having a tough time will undoubtedly put a bright spot in their day. What about giving a coat to someone with an old one full of holes?

If you look around you, you will find tons of things that you can do to help make planet earth more kind and friendly. Sure, you’re not going to change the entire world as it’s an impossible feat, but you can create a little spark that will spread like wildfire.

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