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15 Signs A Couple Will Stay in Love Forever

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The couples that learn to forgive each other when they do wrong are the ones that will stay in love forever. Rather than harboring ill feelings, their communication is what will let them work through it.

14. A Couple Striving to Stay in Love Will Listen More Than Speak

Sure, your communication is excellent, but you must listen more than you speak. When your partner is speaking, nothing else in the world matters, including your opinion. You take the time and chance to talk about what’s going on in their life and mind, as it increases your bond.

15. They Are Your Person

The term “My person” came from the relationship between Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Cristina Yang on the tv show  Gray’s Anatomy. These two became close friends as residents at one of the biggest hospitals in the country. Through all the tests and tribulations they went through, they only became closer.


When they discussed their relationship, they called one another “my person.” This term of endearment describes someone who has an unbreakable bond with you. This individual gets you on a level that no one else has before or might ever again. They’re honest with you, even when you’re wrong, and they’re the ones you want by your side.

Final Thoughts on Couples Who Stay in Love Forever

It’s commonplace for people to question whether or not the person they’re with is their “ride or die.” You want to ensure that you don’t waste time on the wrong person when the right one is waiting somewhere for you. While no test can definitively tell you that they’re “the one,” you can look for the synchronicities and other details.

If you want to stay in love for the long haul, you want someone affectionate, who is your biggest cheerleader and puts your needs above their own. They get you on a level that no one else does, so much so that you can even read their mind without them saying a word. While each relationship looks different, the communication and how you care about one another will be the same across the board.

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