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15 Signs of a Karmic Connection Never to Overlook

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13. Inclined Towards Unhealthy Addictions

Sadly, many of these connections have addictive tendencies. They may cause you to drink, smoke, or do drugs. Being with this person makes you inclined to take a walk on the wild side.

Having physical relations with them is just as addicting as lust is another drug you crave. The problem is that after you’ve sufficed all the addictions to cope with the pain, there are still some abusive natures to this connection that you cannot deny.

14. Controlling

The fear of losing one another makes for a controlling situation. You both likely feel these intense sentiments of lust, emotional turmoil, and the all-around war on some days.


Your addiction to each other is hard to break. What do you do when you’re afraid you’re going to lose someone? You control them so that you can attempt to keep them.

15. Karmic Connections Might Not Respect Boundaries

According to Psycho Logs, you need healthy boundaries with your partner because it helps to facilitate mutual understanding. Everyone has limits, and they don’t want to be pushed far beyond these guidelines. However, you’ve found that your association has no boundaries, and you two know how to make buttons just to upset the other one.

Final Thoughts on Karmic Connections

Karmic connections challenge you. However, this person provides you with an opportunity to step into a more robust phase in life. They’re helping you become a better you.

You will experience a rollercoaster of emotions, and some baggage may come from this connection. Still, you’re a better person for the journey. The good news is that you can heal from this, and through this person, you will learn what’s healthy and unhealthy in a partner.


One of the best things about these connections is that they teach you all about self-love. It shows you that there’s significant importance in taking care of yourself. They also teach you how important it is to have mental peace, a good sense of self-worth, and take care of your psychological and physical health.

Due to the deep connection, you will likely mistake this bond for a soulmate, but few of these karmic relations last. While you may feel like you can never let that person go, you should know that you can!

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