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15 Surprising Ways Living Within Your Means Increases Happiness

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14. You Feel Comfort and Security

While money shouldn’t be the basis of your joy, it can certainly make or break your happiness. You can learn that life can be comfortable and secure when you handle your money smartly.


15. You Learn You Don’t Need Unnecessary Money Suckers

Do you stop for a gourmet coffee on the way to work each morning? The average coffee from a shop can be anywhere from $3-$7, and you can brew that same cup of Joe at home for pennies. These purchases are called money suckers, as they drain your resources without realizing the impact of their hit.

You probably say that it’s not too expensive and only a few bucks, but it adds up quickly. Let’s assume that you spend $5 a day on a mocha latte every workday or five days a week. That equates to $25 a week and roughly $108 a month. There are 52 weeks in the year, and you’re spending about $1,300 to get your coffee.

Now, what can you do with an extra $1,300? When you start learning to identify your money suckers, you will learn how to save and live a minimalist lifestyle.


Final Thoughts on Ways Living Within Your Means Increases Happiness

The whole world is fixated on shopping online and instant gratification. After all, just about anything can be delivered in two days or less. However, you must banish impulsive spending and take a better approach to your money.

By simply making some healthy changes to your spending and using strategies that help you live within your means, you will find that your happiness soars to a whole new level. It’s the best feeling in the world to lay your head on the pillow at night knowing your bills are paid, and you have some savings to fall back on. What financial changes can you make today that will impact your overall wellbeing?

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