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15 Ways to Remember to Speak Kindly, Even When You Feel Annoyed

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When cornered by this boring individual, your friend can call your cell phone or pop into the conversation. You have your chance to get away, and the toxic person will find somebody else to annoy. It’s a clever way to keep the peace.


12. Sharing Points of View

Deep down, many obnoxious people feel helpless and lonely and want someone to listen to them. Maybe the seemingly grouchy lady next door would like to be your friend but doesn’t have good communication skills. By actively listening to what they have to say, you may determine their underlying motives.

It’s also essential for you to clearly state your viewpoints, so there are no misunderstandings. Perhaps it was a misunderstanding that came between you in the first place. If they can’t be respectful, then you may have to keep your distance.

13. Use Positive Body Language

Your body speaks just as much as your mouth does. If your words and body language aren’t congruent, people may view your conversation as insincere. It’s imperative when you’re conversing with a problematic person.


Stand or sit in a neutral and relaxed position and avoid crossing your arms. When your body language is calm and open, it makes for a more peaceful atmosphere. You can talk to each other in respectable tones.

14. Set Boundaries

Just because you’ve determined to talk kindly to someone doesn’t mean you’ll be a doormat. Let the difficult person know that you’re willing to have a civil conversation without yelling or verbal abuse. If they can’t respect that, then you’ve nothing more to say.

15. Know When to Walk Away

It’s a sad fact of life that they are some people who will never change their negative or hostile attitudes. If you’ve tried your best to be kind and it doesn’t work, then walk away. You needn’t be part of their darkened view of the world.

Final Thoughts on Remember to Speak Kindly, Even to Annoying People

It’s a given that personalities will clash, and people can have infuriating encounters. Being kind may give them a change of heart or de-escalate the situation. If not, you’ve done all you can do and can avoid them as much as possible.

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