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20 Encouraging Words and Phrases Every Parent Must Teach Their Kids

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15. I love the way you described your feelings using words.

If your child struggles with expressing their emotions, this phrase is the one for you. When they use their words to express themselves, point them out to see how beneficial it was. Then, they’ll be more likely to do it again next time.

16. Your hard work is paying off!

Always teach your children that hard work pays off. Use this positive phrase when they work hard at something, and you can see a difference. It’ll fill them with happiness and encourage more complex work as they strive to reach their goals.

17. You persevered to solve the problem!

Teaching your child to persevere and keep trying will help them become problem solvers. It encourages them to always look for alternative solutions when their first plan doesn’t work out.


18. I love spending time with you.

Kids always feel better when they know you enjoy their company. Build their self-esteem and let them know that they are valuable with these encouraging words.

19. I appreciate your cooperation. It made things easier.

Children don’t always want to do what you say, or they might make it more difficult. However, they can also be understanding sometimes.

When your child understands and does what you ask, you’ll want to promote that type of behavior in the future. Teach them that cooperation is beneficial sometimes by using this positive phrase.

20. I admire your optimism.


Not everyone can be optimistic, as it can be a struggle for many adults. Children tend to be more positive because they haven’t learned to lose hope in life.

When your child is optimistic, let them know that you admire them for it. Then, they’ll continue being confident in the future because they learned that it’s a beneficial quality to have.

Final Thoughts on Trying These Encouraging Words and Phrases in Your Home

These simple phrases can make all the difference in your child’s life. When you use encouraging words and phrases, it helps them make better choices in the future. They’ll feel more confident in themselves, and they’ll strive to reach all of their goals and dreams.

Remember that your words play a huge role in your child’s mindset. If you use negative comments, it’ll encourage negative behavior. However, you can teach them to be positive and work hard by using these encouraging words and phrases daily.

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