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20 Subtle Hints That Reveal Someone is Interested in Romance

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You might even notice that they brag about the things that make them proud. When someone does this, it shows that they want to show you that they’re worthy.

16. They’re Interested in Your Plans for the Future

If someone wants to know about your plans, it could be a subtle hint that they are romantically interested. While they might not be thinking about marriage, they’ll want to know what your general plans are.

They’ll ask about your career aspirations and family goals, and they might ask about what pets you like. Even asking about places you want to visit could indicate romantic interest.

17. They Come Up with Reasons to Spend Time with You

Anytime someone looks for reasons to spend time with you or be near you, it’s a sign of attraction. They might look for you at a party, work event, or outing and approach you.


More obvious signs that your crush wants to be with you are that they start hanging out places you frequent. You might start seeing them at your favorite park, library, or restaurant. Plus, they will make sure to attend any event you might be at.

18. They Look for Reasons to Make Physical Contact

Someone that likes you romantically will look for reasons to touch you. They will give high fives, handshakes, and sometimes even hugs. Plus, they might touch your arm while they talk to you or rub your back as they walk by.

19. Subtle Hints Often Include Frequent Text Messages

When physical contact isn’t possible, someone who likes you will reach out another way. They will text or call you often if they have your number, and you might find yourself in frequent contact.

The timing and frequency of the interactions are signs, too. Communicating late at night or early in the morning indicates a deeper connection and intense feelings.

20. They Lose Track of Time When They’re with You

If you’re talking to or spending time with someone and they lose track of time, it’s a sign that they like you. It shows that the person forgets about other things when you’re around and that they enjoy your company.


Final Thoughts on Subtle Hints That Reveal Someone is Interested in Romance

Even when someone doesn’t directly say that they are romantically interested, they’ll show signs. Many subtle hints indicate their deeper feelings, helping you recognize when someone is into you. When you identify the behaviors that reveal a romantic interest, you’ll know what to expect.

If you’re also interested, you can pursue the relationship. Otherwise, you can find a way to show that you don’t share the same interest. Either way, knowing the subtle hints can help you decide on your next move.

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