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20 Ways to Become a Positive Role Model for Children

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18. Mentor Them

Remember that your goal is to raise your kids to be good human beings. Why not take them to work with you on occasion? Let them see what you do and how you interact in the business world to get a sense of life after graduation.

19. Be Honest

It’s easy to tell children things to get them to quiet down or get them to let you have peace. However, you must be honest with them above all else. Never let your children think it’s acceptable to lie to those you love.

20. Walk the Walk as You Grow Into a Positive Role Model

Above all else, make sure you practice what you preach. Don’t show them that you say one thing and do another. You must walk the walk if you expect them to do the same.

Final Thoughts on Being a Positive Role Model for Children

Being a good role model is essential to your children and the children around you. Family members like aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents have a crucial role in developing a child. Molding the future generation is not easy, but the job becomes much easier when everyone works together.


A positive role model is in tune with their limits and strengths. They’re not afraid to be vulnerable, but they also know how to shine. They are never too busy to listen and communicate with a little one, and they’re always there with a smile and helping hand.

Children learn more about you by observing rather than hearing you tell them what to do. Make sure your example is consistent and unwavering. Just remember that those little eyes and ears are watching and listening the next time you start to lose your cool.

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