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3 Guided Meditations to Find Balance During Moments of Panic

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When worry, nervousness, or panic arise, explore one of these practices to slow down your nervous system and ease your busy mind.

Panic manifests itself differently in everyone. Panic may inflame your body like a raging inferno. You may momentarily feel disconnected from reality, dizzy, or reel with fear. To meet whatever comes up in a moment of panic, we’ve gathered three meditations to help restore awareness of your breath and body so you can find calm.

3 Guided Meditations to Find Balance During Moments of Panic

1. Find Stability with Aden Van Noppen

The breath is the most common anchor used in meditation because it’s always with us. Our inhales and exhales may change in cadence or depth, but we can rest in assurance that another cycle will follow. In this meditation on impermanence, Aden Van Noppen reminds us that when the outside world feels overwhelming, we can often find inner calm by coming back to the breath.

2. Be in the Moment With Mark Coleman

The breath may be the most common anchor in mindfulness practice, but it’s not our only option. “Listening is a beautiful doorway to the present moment, a tuning in to what’s here,” Mark Coleman says. Whether your soundscape is comprised of birdsong and waterfalls or the hustle and bustle of city life, this guided nature meditation invites you to let go of worries and plans. Instead, attune your attention to the soundtrack of the present moment.

3. Connect with Your Brave Heart With Boo Boafo

Moving our bodies can often help shift focus away from our busy minds by releasing pent-up jitters and helping us reset with a bit more clarity and ease. We don’t have to run a marathon: A walk around the block or a full-body stretch can shake things up enough to help us find calm when we feel overwhelmed. Tap into the wisdom of your body with this 20-minute practice to nurture, strengthen, and give courage to your fearless heart—no yoga mat or exercise clothes required.

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