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3 Reasons Why Rejection Hurts (And How to Cope With It)

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·         Use Self-Care

Self-care should be a part of your routine, but as you try to cope with rejection, it’s even more critical. Ensure you eat enough, sleep enough, and even get a little bit of exercise if possible. Don’t forget to treat yourself, give yourself some me-time to unwind, and indulge in your favorite things and hobbies, too.

3.    Grow From Rejection

Sometimes, the best way to cope with negative emotions – including those stemming from rejection – is by moving forward with positive thinking. That’s easier said than done, but one of the most transparent ways to do this is by finding ways to improve from experience actively. By taking growth into your hands, you’ll find your footing and control again so you can leave the rejection behind. Here is how to do so:

·         Learn From The Rejection

Instead of feeling powerless in the face of rejection, take the reins in the one way you can. Find the lesson in the rejection and learn it. What did you gain from experience? What lessons did you learn? How can you improve your chances of future acceptance in similar circumstances? Did you genuinely desire what you sought here? The wisdom you can gain from here can be empowering and help you cope positively!


·         View It As Proof Of Your Efforts

Rejection only happens when you make an effort and try to be accepted. When you’re rejected, think of it as a sign that you’re moving forward in your life and are pushing the limits. You weren’t sufficiently prepared this time? Well, that means that you impressively challenged yourself! Take the strength from that knowledge and move forward.

·         Don’t Let It Define You

Rejection is a single event, and it’s not meant to define your future beyond the current moment. It is also not a representation of you or who you are as a person. Don’t fall into the trap of making a lot of generalizations about yourself based on rejection. You aren’t incompetent because you didn’t get a job, you’re not unloveable because you were turned down for a date, and you aren’t unworthy because you were rejected. Keep things in a healthy perspective.

Final Thoughts On Why Rejection Hurts And How To Cope With It

Rejection is, sadly, a compulsory part of life. No one will be able to live a full life without also facing rejection now and then. Understanding its mechanisms and learning to cope with it will allow you to manage emotions from such a situation positively.

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