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3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Controlling Everything

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But the people close to you feel this fear and they know you are trying to control how they act for your own benefit. Needless to say, people hate being controlled. Don’t be surprised if you find them slowly letting go of their relationships with you.

Change and growth are the only ways to make sure this won’t happen. If you want to keep your friends, family and loved ones close, try a different approach. Instead of always needing to manage when and where you meet up, give them the chance to organize. Instead of trying to change the way they act, acknowledge that you have no right over their lives and maybe you should be the one to change and become more accepting.

Why does it matter?

Controlling a relationship can mean you feel frustrated and disappointed in the people close to you. You might find yourself guilt-tripping them, or giving the silent treatment. You might feel jealous or anxious when they are with other people.


Find a support system if you feel this way, pinpoint your triggers and focus on change, either internal or external. Allow people to do the things you are so afraid of, like setting up a date or going out without you. Try to get to know new people yourself.

Change is essential for letting go and learning how to be a good friend or partner again.

Final Thoughts On How To Stop Controlling Everything And Focus On Change

Exerting excessive control over others can make people irrational. Sometimes, it’s not even about fear, you were just raised to be controlling. But this behavior is not doing you or others any favors.

Change and growth are the things you should focus on if you want to turn your life around and learn to let go of the tendency of controlling everything. Try reflecting on who you are, be rational, and try new things, and you will become less fearful, more accepting of who you are, and you will have better relationships. And, who knows, you might even find yourself leaving the house without a planner!

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