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3 Things That Cause Self-Doubt and 3 Things That Reverse It

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You’ve likely learned your explanatory style throughout your life, so it’ll take time to undo. You also need to make sure that you maintain awareness of your thoughts so that you can correct negative explanatory statements when they come up. Building that awareness can be a challenge, but it’s worth it!


2.      Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

When you’re filled with self-doubt, it’s tough to want to leave the spaces you’re comfortable with. You feel like you’re not capable of surviving new circumstances, and you’re afraid of failure from all corners.

Ironically, the best balm to this issue is to prove yourself wrong via direct exposure. The fact is that, while scary, leaving your comfort zone gives you the chance to grow. With that growth, more confidence will arise, as you’ll have survived numerous forays into the unknown and the uncomfortable.

If you’ve noticed that confident people always seem to be challenging themselves, well, this is why! They enjoy discomfort and seek it out because it makes them stronger. When you do this, you’ll get the chance to:

  • Realize the full extent of your most impressive capabilities
  • Grow more accustomed to wise-decision making when weighing and taking risks
  • Experience brand new things that change your perspectives and widen your worldview
  • Sharpen various skills and improve in many fields, whether they’re ones you’re good at or new to
  • Become more comfortable with negative situations so you can better respond to them with resilience and confidence
  • Learn lots of new things that fuel further growth and development

3.      Be Kind To Yourself to Decrease Self-Doubt

Being kind to yourself means forgiving yourself for making mistakes, putting your trust in your abilities, and developing a healthy voice to talk to yourself with. It also means treating yourself like you would treat a cherished loved one.


Often, people treat themselves worse than they’d ever dream of treating someone else, and this contributes to self-doubt. Self-compassion minimizes these effects and allows you to give yourself the fairness and patience you deserve. It also helps you to gain confidence in the following ways:

·         It Motivates You To Improve

Self-compassion is known to boost intrinsic motivation, or so say studies. That motivation helps you to push past the initial phases of bad doubt and into a stronger stance. It also allows you to let go of comparisons to others, as your motivation comes from within instead of from extrinsic validation.

·         It Reduces The Negativity Of Thought Processes

Research shows that self-compassion alters your inner voice and boosts it to something more positive. You can accept yourself more easily and judge yourself much less. You’re less self-critical and don’t overdo it when you find yourself questioning your capabilities. This can help you to overcome self-doubt in a powerful way.

·         It Makes You More Satisfied With Your Life

Poor mental health is behind a lot of the more severe aspects of self-doubt. When you’re able to be kind to yourself, research indicates that your psychological well-being will get much better. You’ll experience fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression, will enjoy better mindfulness, and will have higher satisfaction all in all. This puts you in the right frame of mind to squash self-doubt!

Final Thoughts On Some Things That Cause Self-Doubt And Ways To Gain Confidence

Self-doubt is a huge danger to your mental health, success, and general happiness. Unfortunately, it’s a difficult thing to overcome. Learning to build confidence through positive explanatory styles, leaving your comfort zone, and self-compassion are key steps in the right direction.

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