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4 New Year Tips for a Fresh Start and Infinite Possibilities

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The beginning of the year is a special time that is worthy of your attention. It is one of the best times to connect with yourself and evaluate the different areas of your life.

Ask yourself, “What do I really, really want?”

Be open and listen to your heart’s deepest desires.

The truth is that in any given moment you have the ability to blink your eyes open and step into the life of your dreams.

You can choose to see life through the lens of love rather than fear.

Feel peaceful and hopeful rather than worried and anxious.

Let more of the light shine through during difficult times.

You can shift your attention and live more fully in the present moment.

In the present moment, anything is possible. Everything is completely new!

However, most stay stuck in the past, living less than ideal lives.

Dr. Deepak Chopra talks about a concept called “Software of the Soul.” A concept which explains the self-imposed limitations we place on ourselves.

We all have software in our phones and computers, it’s the program that tells the device what action to perform. The soul is also programmed with software.

The software of the soul explains why people behave the same way over and over again.

The process looks like this:

  • Actions lead to memories
  • Memories lead to desires
  • Desires lead to future action

Actions, memories and desires circle in a loop (or hamster wheel).

The loop is a conditioned response that applies to nearly all actions.

It dictates how people communicate, spend their time, their money, work, play, act to support causes they believe in, appear outwardly, relate to self, interact with others and so on…

The norm is to move through life performing the same actions again and again based on past memories. It is as if there is no choice – and often many become a slave to past memories, actions and desires.

There are powerful ways to step out of the loop and upgrade your software. Use these 4 tips to begin to live the next year of your life from a level of infinite possibilities and unbounded freedom.

Stop Predicting the Future 

When you resist the urge to predict the future, you open yourself up to greater possibilities.

Rather than putting your energy into what should unfold, allow yourself to enjoy the journey and trust that there will be wonderful surprises along the way.

Make an ordinary day extraordinary just by altering your routine. Let curiosity steer the ship.

Avoid the Need to Be Right

When you do the same thing over and over again, you may begin to feel that you’re getting the hang of things. You feel as if you are doing “it” right.

The problem is you’ve restricted the creative flow of inspiration, innovation and imagination.

Being right often means checking off a list of boxes or repeating the same motions again and again to achieve a desired result.

Be Selfless

You can stay safe in your corner of the world, or strive to contribute to a better tomorrow and future for all.

When you actively seek out ways to be thoughtful, giving and selfless, you step off the hamster wheel. It doesn’t have to world-changing.

Even the smallest gestures lead to great change rippling out widely, uplifting many and boomeranging back to you.

Meditate Daily

Between the thought of desire and next action there are an infinite number of possible outcomes.

This is the space you access during meditation.

You transcend memory and desire. Your awareness expands and you begin to live from a level of infinite possibilities.

A regular and consistent meditation practice is the key to happiness and pure freedom.

It also helps to raise the collective consciousness allowing all people to enjoy the benefits of a more peaceful and loving world.

Now is the perfect time to look deep within and activate your deepest desires – from the true level of your soul.

Are you ready to start a regular meditation practice?

Meditate with community and be part of a ripple effect of collective coherence spreading peace, harmony, joy and loving kindness out to the world. Click here for access information.


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