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4 Positive Ways To Boost Your Cognitive Ability

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·         Boost Positive Hormones

Dopamine is a feel-good hormone that boosts your motivation and makes you feel great. When you seek novel challenges, your body releases this hormone in abundance. On top of that, the dopamine released increases new brain cell growth or neurogenesis, so your cognitive ability gets more substantial.

So, how can you challenge yourself in novel ways that will best improve cognitive ability? The trick is to simply never stop learning with positive thinking. Research proves that learning new skills is central to maintaining and building cognitive ability. Here are some suggestions for methods that have additional positive mental effects!

·         Build Vocabulary

Learning to develop a more extensive lexicon via vocabulary tasks can provide additional benefits, say studies. You’ll be better at auditory and visual processing and will gain many new words to commit to memory. Besides, if you want to sound smart in addition to being cognitively strong, vocabulary is a great way to do it. Try keeping a notebook with you while you read and writing down unfamiliar words. Then, try to actively use that word according to its definition five times that day!


·         Learn A Language

Done with building your vocabulary? Kick it up a notch by learning a whole new language. Tons of research has shown that being able to speak more than one language fluently is highly beneficial to your cognition! You’ll enjoy improved memory, creativity, visual-spatial skills, task-switching ability, and general cognitive function. Already bilingual? Nothing wrong with adding a new language to that list!

·         Learn A Musical Instrument

When you play musical instruments, you train your brain in coordination and cognitive development. Research shows that people of all ages can reap mental rewards from playing instruments!

You’ll gain the most benefits from these new, novel challenges by remaining open to various experiences. Studies show that being engaged with these challenges and genuinely wanting to participate in them is key to improving the brain. This challenge provides way more benefits than just doing something challenging for the sake of it. Being engaged and choosing something that challenges you is central to the boost you seek!

Final Thoughts On Some Positive Ways To Boost Your Cognitive Ability

Cognitive ability is something that can be trained and honed. However, by training your sense of direction, playing puzzles and games, exercising, and performing novel challenges, your brain will gain sharpness and strength. The best thing you can do for your brain is to keep improving it, so get to it!

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