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4 Subtle Traits Of Emotionally Unstable People (And Ways To Fix It)

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If you notice any signs, try to have their best interest at heart. Your relationship might be shallow and unstable, but they might still need you to guide and help them. Be close to them, but not too tight. If you see that they start to idealize you, pull back. As long as they don’t get the treatment they need, they won’t be in the right place to have serious relationships.


4.    They Run From Their Problems

As a result of low self-esteem and inability to control their feelings, emotionally unstable people tend to run away from their problems. They are afraid of commitment and responsibility, so they often decide to detach from any promises they make.

If they have to fix something in the house, they will procrastinate as long as they can. They don’t care about everything being in order, and sometimes they don’t have the energy to fix everything. Their whole life is so chaotic that they don’t know how to get out of them. And they keep putting themselves in new, more chaotic situations.

Sometimes they don’t even acknowledge they have an issue and don’t listen to anyone trying to help them. If you suggest they change something, maybe get their finances sorted out, they’ll freak out and think you’re looking down on them. This, coupled with low empathy, makes them refuse to admit that they have to deal with certain things in their life.


If you’re dealing with someone like this, try to offer them a helping hand rather than pointing out the flaws they have. Boost their morale, don’t just go around judging them.

Final Thoughts On Subtle Traits Of Emotionally Unstable People (And Ways To Fix It)

Having to deal with emotional instability can be maddening. So, if you know a person dealing with this, all you can do is be there for them to offer emotional support.

They have to deal with so much every day, from mood swings to acting weird, running from their problems. They go from an emotional extreme to the other in a split second. In severe cases, this can even become a personality disorder. As a friend, you can be supportive and help them calm down when they’re feeling suffocated by their emotions. You can suggest they go to therapy, where they can try CBT or even medication if things get worse.

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