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5 Behaviors Reveal Someone Who Grows from Constructive Criticism

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5. Process the Constructive Criticism and Move On

There are some good tidbits of information that can be given through constructive criticism. Once you’ve asked any questions and thanked them for sharing with you, then it’s time to process it. Maybe you learned something that you want to put to good use in your life, or perhaps it’s information you will file in the back of your mind.

Process all the data that you’ve been given, and then move on. Don’t harbor any bad feelings towards this person. Remember that they were only trying to help you. Even if it didn’t come across as helpful and was more hurtful, you still need to let it go.

Ways to Identify If the Criticism Isn’t Constructive

While, in theory, it’s nice to think that everyone with advice is doing it from love and concern, it’s not always the case. There are sometimes where people want to be mean or put you down. The narcissist may even try to manipulate you so that they can look better. Here are some signs that you’re just being criticized.


  • They speak to you harshly.
  • They’re rude
  • They call names or use phrases like dumb, stupid, ignorant
  • Their efforts are to put you down, not help you
  • This person doesn’t have a good relationship with you
  • The advice isn’t helpful but more hurtful
  • They try to demean you in front of others

If you notice any of these things in their critique, then you don’t have to follow this list to help you grow. It’s okay to put the bully in their place. If they don’t want to help you but are trying to tear you down, then it’s perfectly okay for you to stand up for yourself.

Final Thoughts on Constrictive Criticism

It’s hard to take criticism about you or your life, even if it’s on the constructive side. Still, you can always ignore what people tell you. If you become so set in your ways that there is no room for growth or change, then you’re stagnating.

Life is about rolling with the punches and being flexible. How can you be a great mom or dad if you don’t listen to how other parents did things? How can you be a great boss if you don’t want to listen to those that matter most, the people who work for you?

Don’t be so quick to bush off constructive criticism, as it may be the one thing that takes you higher up the corporate ladder or makes you a better human being.

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