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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Positivity in Life

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4.    Be Open To Humor to Keep Your Positivity

People who are prone to negativity are often severe and stuck-up. They feel like they can’t open up to humor, so they don’t seek out feel-good environments and situations.

Studies have found that laughter lowers stress and anxiety levels. People who engage in humor also have improved coping skills and self-esteem. When you permit yourself to laugh, you can be more relaxed. Humour lightens the mood, thus making the world seem a little less harsh. If you feel like you are suppressing your emotions and trying to be as severe as possible, know that it might be why you are a pessimist.

Even if you don’t feel like laughing, pretending can help you achieve the same results. Forcing yourself to smile, make jokes, and improve your optimism levels and lower stress.

5.    Don’t Let Fears Hold You Back

Pessimism is often driven by fear. When people set themselves up for failure, they won’t have to deal with disappointment when they do eventually fail. People use negativity as a defense mechanism, so they don’t have to face their fears.

Pessimists have the “advantage” of staying in their comfort zone. Because they believe everything they do will fail, they use that as an excuse to never take a chance on anything. They stay in their lane and never take any risks. The trick to getting out of this rut is to force yourself to start doing what you want regardless of the risks.

Stop focusing on the outcome and focus on your desires. You have to ask yourself, “what is the worst that could happen?”. You will find that the worst thing that could happen in real life is much less scary than you imagine. When you start taking more leaps of faith in your life, your risks will pay off. That will be all the proof you need to change your mindset from negative to positive.

Final Thoughts On Some Easy Ways to Keep Your Positivity in Life

Many people struggle with having positive thoughts and being optimistic. Genetics makes it so that many individuals are borne more towards the pessimistic end of the spectrum. But even though genetics play a significant role, your lifestyle and environment are also important. And those are the aspects you can change yourself.


You have to be wary of your environment to keep your positivity in life. Often, the people you surround yourself with influence how you view life. If you have toxic people in your life, try to cut ties with them. The same goes for hobbies and other activities. If you engage in pursuits that make you feel worse after you do them, that’s a sign they are toxic hobbies that might be worth switching with more relaxing ones.

Once you focus on the outside world, you have to tweak some things personally. Practice gratitude, face your fears, and allow yourself to engage in humor. If you follow any of these steps, you will find that you get closer and closer to the optimistic end of the spectrum in no time.

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