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5 Traumas That Make Someone Feel Unlovable

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Final Thoughts on Some Traumas That Make Someone Feel Unlovable

Feeling unlovable is potentially one of the worst feelings anyone can have. And, once you believe that no one could care about you, it can be virtually impossible to change it. But you don’t have to be ashamed of feeling that way. Feeling unloved is an effect of having lived through trauma, and the first step to getting over it is accepting that it’s normal to feel that way sometimes.

If you’ve been through abuse at any age, it’s not surprising that you believe you aren’t worthy of nice things. Whether neglect, physical abuse, gaslighting, or anything in between, it’s so traumatic that it leaves scars. Besides that, many people have to deal with bullying and discrimination, which can also make people feel inadequate. Lastly, isolation and lack of human connection will make people feel unlovable. But remember that you are a victim of this trauma, and you shouldn’t beat yourself down for feeling this way.

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