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6 Red Flags of Male Eating Disorder “Manorexia”

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However, the sooner you get your loved one help, the better the chances are for survival. Here are six red flags to consider about manorexia.

1. Extreme Weight Loss

According to the Health Board, anyone who loses more than two pounds per week has extreme weight loss. However, people with these disorders can lose much more than this amount.

2. Wearing Baggy Clothes to Camouflage Their Body

Look for signs of weight loss followed by a need to hide their body. If they’ve lost too much weight, they will camouflage it with clothes. They might wear a baggy hoodie in the middle of summer.

3. Yellowish Skin

The organs can become damaged after dealing with conditions like anorexia and bulimia. One of the signs of a compromised liver is yellow skin. You may also notice severe dry skin patches. That’s because they are not receiving hydration and nourishment.

4. Bingeing and Purging

Watch for signs of bingeing and purging. While they won’t do it right in front of you, they may run to the bathroom or outside after a meal. It’s also not uncommon for large amounts of food to be missing from the house, like a whole cake. You may discover them having binge sessions late at night too.

5. Intolerance of Cold

When you lose a lot of weight, you develop an intolerance to the cold. The muscles help keep the body warm, and when you lose too much weight, you can also lose muscles. Additionally, they can develop thyroid or blood pressure issues that make the cold unbearable.

6. Intense Fear of Gaining Weight

Someone with anorexia is afraid of gaining an ounce. They may skip meals, eat like a bird, or eat low-calorie items like salads. Notice any changes in eating habits, taking diet pills, or obsessing about exercise. These are all signs that someone needs help.


Final Thoughts on Manorexia

According to the National Library of Medicine, food disorders often stem from emotional problems and are brought on by disturbing thoughts and emotions. While treatable, it’s something that most keep as a guarded secret. Since more men struggle with these conditions, where do they go for help?

Males may be less apt to reach out for assistance if, when they do, no one can take them. It’s essential to recognize the signs of an issue in your kids or a loved one, but it’s also time to bring more attention to this growing problem. If people like well-known celebrities, who have money, a large fan base, and are successful can struggle, then anyone can.

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