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6 Ways A Sedentary Lifestyle Can Cause Unhappiness (And How to Fix It)

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One of the main correlations between stress levels and a sedentary lifestyle is the use of technology. On average, more sedentary people spend more time in front of screens. This can induce the feeling of addiction, which is a stressful feeling for all people. Moreover, sedentary people tend to do less with their time.

This can make people spiral as they feel like they’re not doing enough. As you sit around, the weight of your responsibilities becomes more and more unbearable. Additionally, the weakness of your body takes a strain on your mental health. As you start to feel weaker, you feel less in control of your life, of your actions, thus increasing the amount of stress you feel.

If you start to become stressed because of the increased levels of sedentarism in your life., chances are you need to get out in the world and start being active. Schedule weekly activities that require physical strength. Once you start getting in shape, you will feel the levels of stress lowering.

6.    Leads To Depression And Anxiety

The main area that is affected by sedentarism is your mental health. Once you become a couch potato, the likelihood of you experiencing depression or anxiety is much higher.

The main reason for this issue is hormones. They play an essential role when it comes to balancing out your mood. The primary hormone involved in this process is serotonin. When it isn’t released, it leads to depression and anxiety. So when you lay around all day, the likelihood of your brain releasing serotonin is much lower.

When you’re inactive, your brain doesn’t release serotonin. Thus, you become depressed. And when people are feeling anxious or depressed, they are less likely to engage in physical activity because they don’t find the strength to do so. This creates a vicious cycle that can only be broken by physical activity.

When you’re feeling down, even if going for a walk is the last thing you might want to do, you have to force yourself to do it. Engaging in any form of physical activity will boost your mood.


Final Thoughts On How A Sedentary Lifestyle Can Cause Unhappiness

Having a sedentary lifestyle might seem inevitable in the context of today’s world. But having such a lifestyle can be harmful and can cause you unhappiness. It takes a toll on your physical health, on your mental health, on your relationships, and just about every area of your life.

The only way to break out of this rut is to force yourself to become active. Schedule physical activities in your weekly calendar. Try to pick up hobbies that involve exercise, even a simple walk. Once every couple of days can do the trick. Once you become more active, you will see improvements in all areas of your life.

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