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7 Mindfulness Methods That Help Reduce Anxiety and Depression

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Your mind clears all other negative and irrelevant thoughts, giving you the peace you need to deal with your emotions. This type of therapy helps you be more mindful and regulate moods, especially by lowering anxiety and depression levels.

6.      Mindful Driving

Driving is often associated with stress. But that’s because most people only drive when they have to get somewhere. They usually face traffic and are under time pressure. Driving on an empty road because you want to, not because you have to get from point A to point B, is an entirely different story.

When you’re driving, you’re forced to engage with the process and focus on the motions. You have to pay attention to your surroundings, as you must pay attention to switching the gears properly. You have to do many things. But that means your mind is not allowed to wander and has to stay in the present.

This activity can be very relaxing and eye-opening. It can offer you a rush while clearing your head and allowing you to focus on simply feeling. Besides being good for your mental health, it has the side effect of making you a better driver.

7.      Body Scan Meditation

This mindfulness method is one of the only ones requiring you to be at home or in a quiet environment to work. It aims to relieve the physical pain caused by stress, anxiety, and depression.

You need to lie down, close your eyes, and let your body tell you how it feels to do a body scan. You bring awareness to every part of your body, noticing any pain or discomfort. The goal is to understand where the pain comes from to manage it better in the future. It also aims to relieve some, if not all of the pain you’re feeling, on the spot.

Body scanning is good for your health because it breaks the cycle of physical tension created by psychological distress and vice versa.


Final Thoughts On Some Mindfulness Methods That Help Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Dealing with depression and anxiety every day can drain even the most influential person. Sure, therapy is the best way to manage these issues or even medication in extreme cases. But sometimes, they become so unbearable. You need to find other ways to manage them.

Mindfulness can help you calm yourself down, improve your mood, and relieve yourself of the stress you feel every day. These methods are quick, easy to do and encourage long-lasting improvements. Besides the immediate psychological benefits, they create new positive habits, thus achieving an overall happier life.

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