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7 Negative Outcomes When We Assume the Worst Will Happen »

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You Know You Tend to Assume the Worst. How Do You Break the Habit?

Are you tired of seeing the world through negative lenses and expecting the worst? You can’t change everything around you, but you have the power to change your perspective. These are some helpful ways to bring joy back into your life.


1. Change Your Self-talk

Just because your negative self-talk is painting you a bleak picture doesn’t mean it represents reality. Start challenging your negative assumptions by asking yourself if they’re true. For example, will your whole life be ruined if you aren’t chosen immediately for management?

Then, try to bring your focus to a positive aspect. It doesn’t mean that you create a delusion. So, if you don’t get chosen for management this time, you can learn more skills to be a better candidate. Your outlook is positive while still grounded in reality.

2. Limit Your Worrying Time

Anyone who says they never worry is just fooling themselves, as everyone worries about something. It’s part of being human, and you’ll always catch yourself fretting at one point. The idea is not to let your fears consume your present and dictate your future.


Instead, schedule a time each day to write as many worries as you can in a notebook. Set a timer for 20 minutes and worry, fuss, and wring your hands all you please. When the timer buzzes, close the notebook, deciding that you’re not going to worry about anything again until tomorrow.

3. Create an Uplifting Atmosphere

One of the many reasons people stay in the downtrodden is because they surround themselves with negativity. You may overindulge in negative media stories and movies that are tragic and violent. Also, you may hang around people who have nothing better to do than grump, whine, and find fault with everything.

With such an unsettling atmosphere, it’s little wonder that your soul feels exhausted and hopeless. The good news is that you can make changes that will free you from the shackles of negativity.

Lighten your atmosphere by surrounding yourself with beautiful things that make your soul smile. Place limits on your exposure to negativity in the media or online. Try to include more positive people in your circle and avoid the negative ones as much as possible, as you don’t want folks around you who always assume the worst.

Final Thoughts on Negative Outcomes When You Assume the Worst

It’s comforting to realize that most of your worries never happen. You can still hope for the best while being prepared for worst-case scenarios. You can get more out of life when you start focusing on your many blessings instead of your problems.

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