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7 Signs It’s Time to Release Toxic Family Members

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You may brush it off as them just being lonely and needing companionship. However, they have crossed the line if they can’t learn to give you space, especially with intimate relationships. If they don’t seem to care about making you uncomfortable, it’s time to release this family member for good.

7.     They Judge and Criticize You.

Abusive family members never seem to have anything positive to say. No matter what you do, it never seems good enough in their eyes. If you got a promotion at work, they would judge you for taking so long to move up. Or, if you moved into a new house, they may criticize the location or style. They only want to get a rise out of you, so don’t let them.

Final Thoughts on Releasing Toxic Family Members

Unfortunately, not all of us have loving, supportive families in our lives. Unstable and abusive parents or extended family members can cause unwanted stress and even mental illnesses. In some cases, the pressure of turbulent relationships may lead to physical health issues, such as chronic pain.

Family should be a haven–somewhere you can go to escape the horrors of the world. If you have toxic family members that only bring you down, perhaps it’s time to let them go. You may feel guilty or ashamed at leaving your family behind. However, holding on to negative relationships will only harm you in the long run.

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