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8 Red Flags That Reveal a Psychopathic Personality

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According to an article on Crime Museum, there were more than 30 victims that he confessed to, but the number is estimated to be so many more. While not all people with mental illness can commit crimes like Bundy, you certainly cannot be too careful.

What appears to be a well-rounded, average person may be nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No matter what the person says or does, at some point and time, their true colors will come shining through.

7. Shady Conduct

They will do anything to get a thrill, but it doesn’t mean that they haven’t had some run-ins with the law either. Sadly, you may get trapped in a big mess before you find out what you’ve got yourself into. Some psychopaths can be malignant, but it takes a lot of time before anyone figures them out.

The psychopathic personality is missing their center or moral compass that helps guide them, so they’re not afraid to take a walk on the wild side. In another article on Psychology Today published by Richard Lettieri Ph.D., he states that the relationship between violence and mental illness is complex.

While one narcissist may be violent, others will be malicious in intent, but they’re no physical threat. It’s hard to know what a person is capable of, and you don’t want to stick around to find out.

8. No Connections

Another concern about the sociopath is that they don’t seem to have any connections. If you date this person, they won’t talk about family or friends. Most of these folks don’t form any real bonds, so they burn many bridges along the way.

Be very cautious of someone who won’t talk about their past, as everyone has one. If they seem to become uncomfortable and change the subject when you mention such topics, it’s an indication that you need to do some digging. You might find a skeleton or two in their closet.


Final Thoughts on Red Flags of a Psychopathic Personality

Your mental health is essential to protect. When dealing with someone who has a psychopathic personality, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You want to ensure that you protect yourself at all costs.

Before you befriend that new coworker or go out on a date with someone you met online, please do your best to get to know them. Ask lots of questions, observe any behaviors that seem off, and always trust your gut instincts.

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