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A Self-Assured Person Does These 13 Things Without Realizing It

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These folks often go out of their way to be kind to others, and they’re confident enough in their abilities to help others when they’re down.


10. They Keep Their Purpose in Mind

Everyone has a purpose and a destiny here on earth. While some folks get easily sidetracked by the little things, the self-assured keep their purpose in mind. Jack Hawley wrote a powerful book entitled Reawakening the Spirit in Work.

In his writings, he states that your purpose is a place where your talent and values live. While they’re there all the time, they need you to arrive. Many people spend so much time living in a basement apartment that they never consider there’s a vacant upstairs penthouse that’s calling their name.

Thankfully, the purpose-filled person knows that there’s more out there for them, and they won’t settle for mediocrity.


11. They Trust They Will Say and Do the Right Things

Did you know that your mind wanders naturally? It’s been said that you’re only aware of what’s going on about 50 percent of the time. It’s hard to pay attention to everything that’s going on around you, but those who have confidence in themselves know that even when their mind is daydreaming, they will say and do the right things.

12. They Uplift People and Never Gossip

The confident person has little time for idle chatter, so you won’t likely see them engaging in gossip. They would instead focus on their aspirations, dreams, and goals for the future. They tend to be more positive than negative, so they try to avoid negative things like gossiping.

13. They Ask for Help

While this person is assured of their abilities, they’re also sure when they’ve taken on too much. They know that it’s impossible to do everything by themselves, so they have no qualms about asking for help when needed. Unlike many others, they don’t see needing help as a threat to their status or position.

Final Thoughts on The Self-Assured Person

Do you feel that you’re confident, or is this an area you need to work on? Becoming self-assured is born into some folks, but others must work extremely hard to achieve this status. However, by incorporating a few things from this list into your life, you will soon find that it’s much easier for you to gain confidence and live a better purpose-driven life.

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