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A Stay-Home Mom Has the Hardest Job, According to One Study

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Plus, their performance review involves the way they’re raising their child, making it even more personal. People always make them feel like they aren’t doing their job well enough.

10 – A Stay-Home Mom Always Puts Herself Last

All parents make sacrifices, but a stay-at-home mom does it non-stop, all day long. Their entire life revolves around their child, making it impossible to put themselves first. Moms strategize their morning to accommodate their child’s schedules and habits.

Then, the stay-at-home mom strategizes their evening before they can go to bed at night. Planning their time around someone else’s schedule doesn’t stop at any point during the day, either.


When it’s lunchtime, they don’t get to go ahead and eat, no matter how hungry they are. Moms first have to make sure all of the kids eat, and then it’ll be time to clean them up before the mom can eat.

If a stay-at-home mom has anything they must focus on, they have to figure out how to get it done while taking care of kids. For many stay-at-home moms, figuring out how to get it done means squeezing those tasks into a small window of time.

Stay-at-home moms even share their bodies well after the child comes out of the womb. Kids tend to hang on their mothers and tug at them non-stop. No matter what the parent is doing, the child will be right next to them or underfoot the entire time.

The Bright Side to Being a Stay-Home Mom

While there are many reasons that a stay-at-home mom has the hardest job, it is still a blessing. Studies show that kids who have a parent at home do better in school, behave better, and experience less stress. These children also exhibited less aggression than kids who go to childcare.


Final Thoughts on A Stay-Home Mom Has the Hardest Job, According to One Study

Parenting is hard whether you’re a stay-home mom or a working mom. However, the stigma that stay-at-home moms have it easy is now disproven by research. Regardless, it’s a blessing to have that time with your kids, and stay-at-home moms understand that.

Whether you stay home or have a regular job, stop beating yourself up. Parenting is never easy, and we should all support one another. Focus on doing what is best for your family, but recognize the essential role stay-home moms play in society.

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