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Advice From an Inspiring Woman on a Weight Loss Journey

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We’ll leave you with this powerful advice from Estelle that will help you take charge of your life.

“Don’t take this day lightly. Know that anything that is not for you cannot enter your space without your permission.”


Final thoughts on this inspiring woman who made working out her new priority

Estelle decided she’d had enough of living small; she wanted to reach her full potential. She started by canceling her cable and using the money toward a gym membership. Little did she know how much this decision would impact her life later on. Now, she enjoys the opportunity to start her own business and travel the country, inspiring thousands.

She’s found the spark within not only to transform herself but help others along the way. This inspiring woman now does private fitness and business consultations in addition to hosting her fitness class. Perhaps we should all take Estelle’s advice and turn off our televisions; it just might change our lives.

Green 85

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