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Affirmations to Remind Yourself That You Are Enough

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I’m the founder of the Right Within Experience where we herald and celebrate the power of reclamation, the spirit of Sankofa, an Adinkra symbol, and Akan word from Ghana that essentially means go back and get it. Our time together is to support you in reclaiming the disparate pieces of yourself, calling yourself back to yourself, so that you can have the life of clarity, calm, and well-being that you desire. Today we will work with the concept of “You Are Enough” in our pursuit of happiness, excellence, and dare I say—perfection.

You Possess a Unique Identity

We can feel really overwhelmed, unworthy, not up to the task, or not enough to meet the challenges of life. There is nothing like comparison and a diminished sense of worthiness to suck the joy out of life. If you have a twenty dollar bill and you crumple it up, it gets faded in the laundry, or passing through fifty to a hundred hands. At the end of the journey it’s still worth twenty dollars, its worth has not changed. It is not our experience that defines us, it’s our identity that defines us. You are a unique and perfect expression of life. No one…

Green 85

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