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Bartender Explains Why Every Woman Should Know About the Angel Shot

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Clearly, many people have benefitted from Benji’s original angel shot video. It’s been viewed over eleven million times and has almost three million likes.

So, if you’ve never heard of an angel shot until now, make sure to keep a mental note about it. The next time you’re at a bar or club, it could help you avoid danger or at least inform the bartender that you need a ride home.


Final Thoughts on Knowing How (and When) to Order an Angel Shot

When you first hear it, an angel shot actually sounds like a legitimate drink. That’s what makes this code word so effective since most people don’t know about it. So, when you ask the bartender for an “angel shot,” your date probably won’t suspect anything. However, it’s your lifeline to escape from a distressing situation and leave the bar unscathed.

The angel shot can save lives since it brings other people into the situation in a discreet manner. That way, you don’t have to feel alone or helpless if you’re dating someone with bad intentions. The bartender will either ask someone to call the cops, inform a manager, or call a taxi for you. If you have any friends or family who might value this information, feel free to pass it along. It just might save their life, after all.

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