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Bike Riding Cat Loves Nothing More Than Going for a Spin

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“When we’re not together on a bike, we’re just at home. Sigrid is very, very affectionate; she’s usually either on my lap or sitting on me, or she’ll be sleeping somewhere nearby me. She’ll follow me room to room,” Travis says.

Sigrid gives cats everywhere a good name because she’s down for any quest! Whether it’s bike riding, exploring, or just cuddling with her dad, she’s a fabulous feline indeed. Some cats prefer being homebodies, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s essential for those who love adventure to have a pet to keep up with your lifestyle.

Travis and Sigrid seem to complement each other perfectly and bond over their shared love of bike riding. They’re together all the time, and aside from being adventure buddies, Sigrid’s been an enormous source of comfort for Travis. It’s amazing how pets can make you feel better from just being in their presence.


Final Thoughts on the Cat Who Loves Bike Rides

It’s not every day you meet a cat who loves riding bikes with her dad, and that’s what makes Sigrid special. Plus, she leaves a trail of happiness everywhere she goes, making the world just a little bit brighter. Sigrid’s amassed quite a fan base, and people flock to her when they see her in public. The adorable feline and her dad enjoy making others smile, but they also love the bonding opportunity that bike riding offers.

We hope you enjoyed hearing their story! If you attempt to take your cat on a bike ride, let us know how it goes in the comments!

Green 85

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