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Body Scan Guided Meditation (New)

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Body Scan Guided Meditation

During the recent 10-Day Meditation Challenge, we took a tour through several different meditation techniques. And I want to share one of the best of those with you – the body scan meditation.

During the first five days, we dove into basic mindfulness meditation. That’s one of the most popular meditation techniques available. It’s also incredibly effective when it comes to calming your mind and learning how to cultivate self-compassion and loving kindness.

Coming Home Mindfulness Meditation Training

In fact, if you want to develop a mindfulness meditation practice of your own, we are launching a 5-week Mindfulness Meditation Training Program starting February 8th. You can learn about it here.

The Body Scan

And today, I thought you might appreciate this guided body scan meditation.

In the body scan, we shift our focus from the breath to the body. The body itself becomes our meditation object.

And I have to admit, it’s one of my very favorite meditation techniques.


Because focusing on the body in this way is a profound vehicle for expanding your awareness. It’s also incredibly relaxing. Many people report feeling deep warmth and well being after doing the body scan.

After the body scan meditation, I feel like I’m walking on air all day. I’ll be curious to know if you feel the same.

So here is the body scan meditation from the 10-Day Meditation Challenge. I hope you enjoy it.

Meditation Challenge Day 6: Body Scan Meditation

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