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Counselors Explain 12 Healthy Social Media Habits for Teenagers

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Encourage them to take breaks while leaving their phone behind, too. Studies show that those who spend less time on social media have a more positive mindset, making it essential to their well-being.


Additionally, if a teen notices that social media makes them anxious or depressed, they should take a break from it. They don’t have to sign in every day if it isn’t good for their mental health.

Healthy Social Media Habit #11 –  Set and Enforce Personal Boundaries

Research shows that anxiety and depression eased when people spent less time online. Encourage teens to limit their time on social media by setting time limits and creating no-phone zones in your home. Consider making the dining room a place where phones aren’t allowed to encourage more familial bonding.

You can also teach teenagers to be intentional when using social media. If they have a reason for logging in, they’ll be more likely to stick to their boundaries. They’ll also be more aware of the type of material they’re seeing and hearing.


Healthy Social Media Habit #12 –  Living in the Moment

If teenagers can live in the moment, they’ll create more lifelong memories. They won’t miss out on experiences and opportunities, and they’ll form strong bonds with the people in their life.

Teach teenagers that they don’t always have to have the perfect photo to share. Instead, they should put their phone down and live fully in the moment.

How Adults Can Teach Teenagers to Stay Safe Online

If you want to encourage your teenagers to develop and maintain healthy social media habits, you must model the behavior. Implement healthy behaviors yourself, and avoid using your phone in ways you teach them not to. Your teenagers learn so much from watching you, so set the example you want them to follow.

Final Thoughts on the Research That Shows How to Preserve the Mental Health of Teens in an Online World

These healthy social media habits for teenagers can make all the difference in their lives. It’ll help them focus on the essential things, including schoolwork and real-life relationships. Practicing good habits also improves their mental health and overall well-being.

Remember to model positive habits for your teenagers, giving them a good role model to look up to. You can’t control everything your teen does online, but you can teach them to be safe and respect themselves and others.

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