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Counselors Reveal 6 Reasons Why Nervousness Can Actually Be Productive

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When you feel the most nervous, that can be the perfect time to take a deep breath and think about everything that’s happening. Reflection will always help you understand better what’s making you feel the way you think. If you know why you react the way you do and what your triggers are, you can use that knowledge in the future.

You can start avoiding the situations that make you feel uncomfortable. And if you want to be genuinely productive, you can start working on your triggers to make sure you won’t get nervous in the future. Reflection can uncover some issues that you need to work on to become a better person.

6.    Nervousness Can Be A Strong Motivator

When you feel nervous or anxious about a task, this can push you to get things done. But that’s not always the case. It depends on using those nerves because they won’t inherently motivate you. In some cases, nerves can cripple you. But that’s only if you let them.


Research suggests that “anxiety motivation” is a real thing that improves productivity. But tats because they don’t associate nervousness with adverse outcomes. Instead, they use those nerves as a reminder as to why it’s essential to get things done. That’s why your outlook on your emotions is so important.

It can make the difference between being afraid or being motivated. Look at nerves as an emotion that you don’t like and that you want to avoid by being prepared for anything if you’re motivated.

Final Thoughts On Why Nervousness Can Be Productive

Everyone gets nervous from time to time. Some people are afraid of the feeling, but others have learned how to thrive in a stress-filled environment. And, because there’s no way you can avoid feeling nervous in certain situations, the best thing you can do is learn to deal with it. Learn how to use those nerves to become more productive instead of letting them take over you.


Nerves come from stress. And, when people feel stressed, their brain releases adrenaline and stress hormones. Those hormones can give you the boost you need to get through a task. Nerves can also show you your fears or other underlying issues you need to solve. And when you figure out why you get nervous, you can start working on those issues. And, if you can’t solve everything that’s going wrong, you can still reframe your nerves.

Try to look at nervousness as excitement, like you’re looking forward to the task you’re about to take on. This can trick your brain into being productive. And, potentially, the best thing you can do is accept your feelings for what they are and use them as a motivator. Many people use something known as “anxiety motivation” to get the end goal they want and to avoid feeling nervous in the future. Even though nerves can seem scary, if you know how to use them, they can help you be a lot more productive than you usually are.

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